Lightweight cable cams for video pros
High Sight Mini Cable Cam with Osmo Gimbal

Big budget shots in a miniaturized foot print.

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Hands Free Control

Setting the speed and distance with the onboard control makes getting the shot easy and more importantly, repeatable. The Mini moves at a perfectly consistent pace, making your shots well… perfect. With auto feathering at the end points, and return to home, you can stop worrying about the tool and start pushing the boundaries of your creativity.

If you need live control, we’ve got you covered. Simply plug in any RC controller to the RC Port.



It’s silent movement and tiny size make it unobtrusive to the event or scene. No propeller noise, no operator, no risk. Great for weddings, concerts and event coverage.


Rapid Deployment

We’ve streamlined the setup into an easy painless process. You can tie off to virtually anything or even hold the line. By investing a meager 5 minutes in setup, you can get at least four different shots from the same line. The Mini gives you the precision to put the camera exactly where you want, every take. Float an inch off the ground or fly it through tight gaps worry free.



Let it work for you. The Mini can “Ping-Pong” back and forth continuously for hours. Adding a Mini to your one man band gives you dramatic moves while you’re off shooting other angles.