The world's smallest and easy to use cable cam.



The mini can “ping-pong” back and forth continuously for hours. Set. Send. Forget. Use it like a second cameraman and increase your productivity.

Mini Cablecam on Roof Top.jpg

Hand Held

Worlds first handheld cable cam! The mini gives you the freedom to put the camera exactly where you want it. Float an inch off the ground or fly it through tight spaces to capture angles unlike any other. Also a great way to shoot 360 video!

Mini Cablecam.jpg

No Operator

Smooth consistent movement is what it's all about. Let the Mini do its thing so you can focus on framing the shot with your phone, or shoot an entirely different angle on your big camera.


Payload 3.5 lb / 1.6kg
Weight 1.3 lb / .6 kg
Size 7.48 x 2.3 x 3.2" / 189 x 58 x 81 mm
Max. Speed 10 mph / 16 kmh
Min. Speed 8" per second
Connectivity RC port
Battery Internal lithium ion
Made in the USA 


Dji Osmo Mobile 2
Dji Osmo+
Dji Osmo X5 Pro
Dji Osmo X5R
GoPro Karma Grip
Freefly Movi
Most other similarly sized gimbals

In the Box

High Sight Mini Trolley
Gimbal Mount
175 ft. Line/Reel
Tie Off Device
Zipper Case