The High Sight XL cable cam for cinematic productions

Heavy Lifter. Max Power. Cinema.




Imagine your camera floating over hundreds of feet just inches off the ground. Produce tracking shots with out having to lay track. Tell your story with camera moves unlike any other, getting you close to the action without putting your gear or talent at risk.



Safety is a major concern when shooting events, concerts and high dollar scenes. The XL has features like, Autonomous Endpoints, Redundant Safety Line, Return to Home and Radio Failsafes to ensure accidents don't happen.

fs700cable cam


The High Sight XL lets you mimic dollys, cranes, drones and chase vehicles with ease and simplicity. No need to spend all day on a single shot. You will be able to capture a wide range and style of shots with perfect repeatability so you never miss that magic moment.


Max Payload 33lb / 15kg
Weight with Battery 9lb / 4kg
Length 24in / 609mm
Max Speed Up to 31mph / 50kph
Min Speed 11" per second
Battery 22.2V 6S
Made in the USA


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-High Sight XL Cable Cam Trolley
-High Sight XL Adjustable Vibration Isolator
-4th Wheel Attachment Point
-Battery & Charger
-600 Feet of 5mm High Performance Line and Reel (5400 lb strength)
-Rigging Set
-1 Year Warranty
-Excellent Customer Support