Introducing the Mini

Take all we love about the High Sight XL, Pro, and Go and bottle it up into a size that'll fit in a backpack!  Now add the autonomous ability we call 'Ping Pong' mode and you have yourself a tool that no DP should be without!


The Mini shares many of the same features as our larger system. The durable aluminium casing, line lock safety feature, anti-stall, and more keep the mini ready for action anytime you should need it.

edited#1 (1).jpg

Years of experience and professional feedback helped develop the mini into the autonomous system it is today.  The Most valued feature of the the Mini is it's ability to "run and gun" or be quickly setup and taken down in the blink of an eye. 

Being handheld and autonomous allows the user to focus on other tasks while still capturing the needed footage, normally requiring a spare man. 

Thanks for checking us out! We're excited to see what the community creates with the mini and stay tuned for further posts and youtube demos! 

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