Using a Cable Cam with The Brothers Brower

Atomic presents an episode of “The Brothers Brower”

In these videos Kevin and Mitchell Brower showcase their creative approach to skiing.  Not only do they ski in the videos but for the most part they are self produced.  They take turns manning the camera while the other skis.  Post production is done by the brothers as well.  As you may or may not know, it is no small feat trying to ski and shoot in the backcountry.  

A typical day of shooting looks something like this:  Unloading in the parking lot and packing up the snowmobiles with skis, food, camera gear at about 7:30am.  Deciding on where to ski given the current avalanche and snow conditions and adapting the plans made the night before.  Get to the zone and assess the feature to be built.  With only small shovels, build and shape the jump, this usually takes 1-4 hours depending on the size of the feature.  Scope the angles and set up the tripods and cameras. By now it is around 11:00 and the light is getting good.  After a quick lunch they have a few hours to hit the feature and get some shots.  

One A+ per day per athlete is a satisfactory ratio.  Some days they get 3-4, other days they come away with nothing but a good crash reel.  Between the changing weather, light, athlete performance and time, missing a shot is unacceptable.  To keep things light and fast they shoot on two Panasonic GH3’s, one on a tripod and the other on a locked off angle.  In addition to the cameras they use the High Sight Pro, DJI Ronin M, and Connex HD to complete their cable cam.

They like the High Sight pro because it fits with their “one man band” production.  They can set it up quickly, and still be shooting the locked off angle while operating the cable cam.  The shots with the High Sight Pro add production value to their videos, that make any extra time or effort well worth the shot.  With its perfect shot repeatability the only inconsistency in the equation for success is whether or not Mitchell can land his corked 900.