The High Sight Pro cablecam for professional use.

Versatility. Power. Production.



cablecam Features


The High Sight Pro is the perfect balance between size and power. With its compact design and low weight it is ideal for remote shooting locations. The belt drive allows for gearing changes so you can climb steeper lines or have faster speeds.


Dead calm.  The Pro Features our innovative Vibration Dampening Wheel technology as well as the adjustable Vibration Isolator.  These features give you a crisp, silky smooth image at long focal lengths. 


With this ground breaking technology, the High Sight Pro comes to a smooth stop at each end of the line automatically, thus eliminating the need to watch anything but the monitor.  This features lets a single operator use the system to its full potential and never miss a shot.


Camera movements need to be precise, fluid and on time.  Why try to make two operators think as one?  High Sight Pro only requires one operator enabling you to have total control of the shot.  Within minutes you will become comfortable with the controls and can start capturing amazingly smooth and dynamic shots.

Fast Setup

The Pro features single sided pulleys so you can quickly hang it on the line while the “Line Lock” ensures it will never fall off.  Quickly transition from one line to another in a multi-line setup.  


The High Sight Pro is an intelligent machine, it knows where it is on the line, how fast (or slow) to decelerate and when to stop. Its built in safety features include; Anti-Slip and Anti-Stall to protect itself and your gear.


The High Sight System is a powerful tool that can be used in place of a dolly, drone or crane.


Wires and electronics have been internalized in the stout aluminum frame to keep things protected from the elements and snag free.  At only 19" long High Sight Pro can easily be packed into harsh and remote shooting locations.


The High Sight Pro cannot crash, it is not effected by wind, altitude or temperature.  Fly it right on the action, over crowds or through tight spaces, over and over again. Programable acceleration ramps let you control the smoothness of motion.



The High Sight Pro comes with a universal mount vibration isolator allowing you to easily attach your gimbal or camera.  The dampener plate comes with a 3/8" center hole, two 1/4" slots and hole patterns to match the Ronin M or Movi toad in the hole.  The High Sight Pro is also a great tool for shooting 360 degree video and VR capture.


Maximum Payload: 16lb / 7.25kg

Weight with Battery: 5.5lb / 2.5kg

Length: 19in / 483mm

Max Speed: Up to 27mph / 43kph

Battery: 22.2V 6S

Gimbal: (Recommended) DJI Ronin M | DJI Ronin MX | Freefly Movi M5 | Freefly Movi M10

Cameras: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera | Blackmagic Cinema Camera | Panasonic GH3 & GH4 | Sony A7sii | Sony F55 | Sony FS700 | RED Raven | RED Epic | RED Scarlet | RED Weapon | RED Dragon | Canon C100 MKI | Canon 1D C


  • High Sight Pro Trolley
  • High Sight Pro Adjustable Vibration Isolator 
  • Battery & Charger
  • 600 Feet of 3mm High Performance Line and Reel (2500 lb strength)
  • Rigging Set
  • Carry on size Pelican case with custom foam
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Excellent Customer Support